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KBS Retrobuild – Woods



The KBS Retrobuild is a way for our customers to have access to our state-of-the-art club building facility and have their current clubs built to a higher standard. Our Build Masters ensure your clubs are built to your specs and will be reviewed during your build meeting phone call.

NOTE: Please ensure that your cart is empty prior to configuring your retrobuild. Retrobuilds must be purchased independently.

NOTE: If you select the "No grip” option, a KBS Build Master will discuss alternatives with you over a call to review your order. You will have the option to choose a grip from our additional inventory, send us your own grips, or receive your retrofitted clubs without any grips so that you may install them yourself.


KBS Tour Build: The KBS Tour Build includes Flowing* of each shaft, swing weights, custom loft and lies.  *Flowing helps to identify the inconsistencies of a particular golf shaft as compared to the average or expected design of that shaft. This process provides our Build Masters  with certain information to build the club in the most stable and consistent orientation.