The KBS Golf Experience

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KBS Pricing & Services

Full Bag Fitting $350

3.5 hours

This is the most extensive fitting on the list. We will go through the entire bag from driver to putter to optimize distance, control and consistency. From the TD line of wood shafts to the CT-Tour 120 Putter, the KBS family of shafts is sure to bring performance, and FUN to your game.

Long Game Fitting D/F/HY $200

2 hours

The long game fitting will focus on the top portion of the bag to ensure consistent yardage gapping and performance with the TD line of wood shafts and wide array of graphite shafts available for hybrids including the Proto Hybrid shaft.

Driver Fitting $150

1.5 hours

The Driver fitting aka “The Big Dog” fitting will focus on the output and consistency of the driver in your bag with the TD line of wood shafts.

Fairway / Hybrid Fitting $150

1.5 hours

Is the Driver good in your bag? A Fairway and Hybrid fitting will help to optimize distance gapping and consistency in the long part of the bag. With the TD line of wood shafts and the wide array of graphite shafts available for hybrids including the Proto Hybrid shaft.

Iron Fitting $195

2 hours

The Iron Fitting will help to optimize distance gapping, consistency and control using the BEST steel and graphite iron shafts in the business. With 18 models and over 60 different weight options KBS has the shaft for you.

Wedge Fitting $125

1.5 hours

The Wedge Fitting, arguably the most important fitting in the bag will be optimized for control and consistency using an extensive line of wedge ONLY shafts along with the full line of iron shafts for those lower lofted wedges (46*,48*,50*,52*).

Putter Fitting $125

1.5 hours

Using the CT-120 and One-Step putter specific shafts, this fitting will go through all putter types and player profiles to correctly fit your putter. Allowing you to score on the greens like you should.

Gap Fitting $125

1.5 hours

Gap sessions are for clubs that have been properly fit and built to a player to be fully optimized for distance control.

Tour Build $35

Per Club

The Tour Build process ensures that all specs fit for a player are built into the set. Building clubs is a labor of love, at the KBS Golf X we love building high quality and consistent golf clubs for our customers. Hand FLO-ing each shaft to ensure consistency through the set along with weighting, cut lengths, lofts, and lies, your clubs will be built to a tour level.

Standard Build $20

Per Club

Standard prep, glue, cut, and grip.

Event Fees $1,000 p/hr

3 hour minimum
15 guests
Food / Drink Included

Want to have some fun in the fitting studio? Book an event with us for you and 14 others. We will host you at the KBS Golf X Studio along with food, drink, and playtime in the simulator with our knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Junior Fittings — 15 & Under 50% off fittings

All JR’s will be extended a discount on fittings and shafts through KBS Golf X as we want to help them perform at their best and know they are ever changing. Between the 500 series JR steel and our graphite options we have something for every JR golfer.

NOTE: All JR's must be fit, built, and purchased by the KBS Golf Experience to receive discount.